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Samsung Flip 2

New features

Video Conferencing
4K Screen Recording
Live Streaming
Airplay for iOS

Support Android/iOS/Windows/Mac projection concurrently

4K Recording

4K Recording

Recording everything on the Flip & Zoombex with Video and Audio!

Imagine: You can capture the whole process within the Flip Screen and Zoombex Desktop Anytime & Anywhere.
Digitized your Idea and Innovation by one click: 4K Recording!

Live Streaming

Youtube Live Streaming_by_Flip2Zoombex

MS Office Doc

MS Office Doc

Do your Office Work with the Flip and present it with native PowerPoint!

Imagine: Showing your PowerPoint and Edit it on the Flip as on your Computer Desktop.
You can add annotations anywhere on top of the PowerPiont!

Flexible image editing

Bringing versatility to the board. With Samsung Flip, users can quickly and easily select, move, crop, capture, and edit any image. Each Image can also be merged to the roll with just one click of a button, allowing it to be edited or erased.


Easy content navigation

Samsung Flip has up to 20 pages of writing space per roll, allowing users to seamlessly scroll through pages. The Flip’s intuitive, user-friendly menu simplifies navigation and saves time, while the quick finder feature allows users to preview content and make instant changes directly on the screen.

Draw, write & inspire new ideas

Samsung Flip provides users with a smooth and familiar pen to paper writing experience in a variety of available colors, styles and widths. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. In addition, users can quickly erase the drawings with finger or palm swipe.

Art White Board

Samsung Flip 2 provides you an electronic drawing board for drawing and painting. Drawings can be created by using the 2 electronic pens, paint brushes, and even your fingers and palms. By using the pen mode or brush mode, you can enjoy more colorful drawing and painting experiences. All drawing and painting on the board can be recorded by our Zoombex technology.

Coach’s Clipboard

Sports tactics on smart phone or tablet can be projected to the Samsung Flip. Coaches and players can share the ideas by using the Flip during training seminars, and all the screen shots and videos can be captured. This will contribute interactive and high efficient meetings.

Designed with extra care for details

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Zoombex - Intel i5-9500T/DDR4 16GB/NVMe 256GB & Embedded Windows Platform Zoom / Cisco Webex / AirServer / MS Office / OBS
Samsung flip 2 - UHD(3840x2160) Resolution 55" Display, 2 x USB/3 x HDMI/1 x LAN/WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC
Set: 1297.4(W) x 768.2(H) x 59.9(D) in mm
Set with Stand: 1297.4(W) x 1749.8(H) x 850.6(D) in mm